For Sociology : Reflections on Wes Sharrock's Discipline-Specific Learning and Teaching Corpus


  • Andrew P. Carlin Department of Portuguese, University of Macau



This paper introduces a corpus of Learning and Teaching materials by Wes Sharrock, which attend to the specificities of sociology as a distinctive academic pursuit. This paper argues that these materials are attempts to raise the level of sociological sophistication among students and academic sociologists, and thereby to raise the profile of sociology within British academia. It was precisely his struggle to understand, to come to grips with, and to resolve the methodological problems which underlie the academic discipline that led to his adoption of the thoroughly sociological discipline of ethnomethodology. A key purpose of this paper is to remind readers that Wes Sharrock is not limited to the horizons of Ethnomethodology or Philosophy of Mind, and that he produced a valuable corpus of writing that is regrettably passed over by attending to his singular achievements in Ethnomethodology.